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Anywhere, anytime, Ballet Company of Győr!

Győri Balett“Community from an audience”, this key principle drives the creation of the webshop of the Ballet Company of Győr. Just as the company itself, the products of the webshop are also special, unique, and serve important purposes.

“Anywhere, anytime, Ballet Company of Győr!”

The company is committed to aesthetics, arts, conscious lifestyle and respect of our environment. In addition to the products provided with logos and making the everyday life colourful, bags and booklets with unique and unrepeatable designs made by MOKKA Association from used banners, posters and promotional materials are also available. Recycling and uniqueness, a piece from us and our history.

Our artworks praising the hands of our colleague, Emőke Kutas and promoting Low-Waste lifestyle have been created in the spirit of environmental awareness for those, from whom our Common Future is important!

And if we speak already about future... We have thought also of the smallest fans: the assortment of the Children’s corner offers beautiful, carefully and whole-heartedly created objects and toys from baby age.

About the Ballet Company of Győr

It was a milestone in the dance art life of Hungary and in the cultural history of Győr city, when in 1979 the graduating class of the State Ballet Institution of Hungary decided to remain together and found a company. They convinced Iván Markó to join their mission, who came to Győr, and was chosen as the head of the company. In 1991, after the founding director left, János Kiss took over the management of the company, and thereby the company of Győr reached a new era. The company was able to renew after the change of management, and to offer a widening horizon to its audience.

In 2015, when László Velekei former dance artist was appointed as the artistic manager, a new era started again in the company’s life. The own pieces presented by the Ballet Company of Győr are attributable to the name of the young choreographer. From 1 July 2020, he became the third director of the company.

The season of 2020/21 is a special milestone in the life of the Ballet Company of Győr, or can say that it is the first act in a new era.