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Thyme syrup - 100ml

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kakkukfű kicsi47.jpg

Thyme syrup - 100ml

Thyme is one of the most used ingerdient in healing and in gastronomy.

Thyme has a natural antibacterial and antiviral effect. It can be used to treat respiratory diseases, and it can also boost the diagestive system.

The two most important compounds of thyme are thymol and karvacrol. These two can prevent the bacterias from reproduction, and have a strong antiseptic effect.

Suggested use:

For prevention: 1 tablespoon/day

In the case of illness: 3x1 tablespoon/day

You can also use it for cooking if you would like to add some creativity to your culinary skills.

It can be used only from the age of 2. You should not take thyme syrup if you have diabetes or IR.

Amount: 100ml

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